Licensed Home Inspector John Fullerton

North Carolina Home Inspector

Professional Inspector

John Fullerton is the owner/operator of Carolina Commercial and Residential Inspections and Services. He enjoys the freedom of his job and his work with a variety of clients. If you have any special concerns about your future home, be sure to let him know.

John’s Certifications

John has a wealth certifications and qualifications that make him the ideal home inspector, including:

  • North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector #4763
  • North Carolina Board for Engineers and Licensed Surveyors – Engineering Intern Certification #A-17957
  • North Carolina General Contractor and Utilities Contractor #56801
  • North Carolina Real Estate Commission – Licensed Broker #233575
  • North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services – Ground Pesticide Applicator #026-35690
  • Adheres to all North Carolina Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

John’s Background & Interests

John has worked in residential and commercial construction and engineering since 1999. That was the same year he earned his BS degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from North Carolina State University. He has been a North Carolina licensed General Contractor for 18+ years and a licensed North Carolina Real Estate Professional for 15+ years. John decided to migrate to inspecting homes with his strong background and breadth of knowledge in the industry. John is a foodie who also enjoys traveling, fishing, spending time with his family, golfing, kayaking, and hiking.

Specialized Industry Tools

The absolute best home inspectors rely upon a combination of their observation skills and specialized industry tools. John uses the following:

Moisture Meter – With the use of our moisture meter, we can detect the level of moisture in your crawl space.  Excess moisture can contribute to organic growth which can result in poor air quality and unhealthy living conditions.

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Carbon monoxide is a noiseless, scentless, and tasteless substance that can harm you and your family. That is why we use a carbon monoxide detector to look for any traces of this harmful substance.

Gas Leak Detector – Your water heater may have a tiny gas leak that you have not noticed yet. Instead of letting it get bigger and bigger, our gas leak detector will notice the problem right away.


Moisture Meter Inspection With Home Inspector John Fullerton